DIALOGUES, Techniques mixtes sur papier - 3D virtual exhibition by Afikaris

DIALOGUES, Techniques mixtes sur papier

So, 03/29/2020Mo, 04/27/2020

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In parallel to Paris Drawing Week, Afikaris presents a selection of works on paper by artists Bruce Clarke, Saïdou Dicko, Salifou Lindou, Onyis Martin and Hyacinthe Ouattara.
While works on paper are traditionally associated with preparatory drawings and graphic studies, contemporary works on paper emancipate from this unique function.

If the words of William Kentridge, regularly quoted, “I tried being an actor, I failed. I tried being a painter. I failed (…) So I was reduced to being an artist working in charcoal drawings” testify of drawing as a poor alternative to painting, there is a body of institutions, collectors and galleries aiming to valorize the wide range of options offered by technics on paper.

Drawing as an end in itself, as an artwork: that is the scream for the emancipation of a discipline as rich as complex, multiplying the mediums and supports. From the black frescos by Abdelkader Benchamma to mesmerizing pastels by Berthe Morisot, drawing does not have any limit in the mutation of its techniques.

With big names of African contemporary art as Frédéric Bruly Brouabré, Marcel Miracle, William Kentridge, Ataa Oko or Ernesto Shikani, drawing is a medium of choice, practice and economic, which gathers all the material and aesthetic possibilities of works on paper.

The five artists on view embody a various and relevant range of the possibilities offered by the paper and its different mediums. Sometimes dreamy, political, tortured or joyful, their works represent as many forms of expression and dialogues.

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