Sandra ENCAOUA I Judaica Series - 3D virtual exhibition by Sandra Encaoua

Sandra ENCAOUA I Judaica Series

Fr, 02/26/2021Sa, 02/26/2022

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'Out of everything that I have been given to look at from before, during and after the holocaust, from a pictorial  point of view (...) Sandra Encaoua's work touched me more than any other - even commemorative commissions. Her work is so extremely sensitive and so strongly expressive that I became emotional. This is a great gift coming from a true artist." (24/04/2016)

Frederic Gozlan
Filmmaker (Documentaries 'Auschwitz'-Poland, 'ReiseAusweis', 'Terezin'...), Author and director ('Kaddish', Frange festival Theater. Acco. Israel)

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