WE WHO INHABIT AN ALIEN WORLD - 3D virtual exhibition by Ligia Testa


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“Do women have to be naked to get into the Metropolitan Museum in New York? Less than 5% of the artists in the modern art sections are women, but 85% of the nudes are female”.
This is one of the first posters produced by the Guerrilla Girls’, a New York group of anonymous feminist artists fighting sexism and machismo in the art world.
What do the numbers here at MASP show? 6% of the artists in the collection on display are women; 60% of the nudes are women. These numbers reveal today’s reality.
In the 21st century, gender equality in the artistic universe is far from being resolved.
Linda Nochlin, art historian, in the article "Why have there been no great women artists?", claims a new paradigm in art history which shows that social barriers have prevented women from developing their artistic side and being recognized as artists.
Renovation of the MOMA, which cost 450 million dollars, was more than changes in the architectural structure and the expansion of spaces. The objective was to increase diversity, by including more works by female artists coming from all parts of the world. This included the purchase of "A Lua" by Tarsila do Amaral for 20 million dollars (value assumed), a fact that will further enhance the artist's works.
Thus, the proposal of this exhibition "We Who Inhabit an Alien World” is another of the many initiatives to provoke conversations, reactions, discussions, to intensify the search for gender equality, in collections around the world, and to allow people to contemplate art made by women.
I have chosen eight artists – from different cities, ages, academic backgrounds, and using diverse techniques – to show what these women achieved: Adalgiza, Ciça, Duda, Fernanda, Gisele, Josie, Lídia, Salua.
There is a biologist, an architect, an engineer, a journalist, a manager, a geographer, an IT executive, a biomedical engineer.
Some are young, others mature, with or without children, coming from different cities near and far away, such as Hong Kong. They are single, married, divorced.

They are independent and decide their
own lives, aware that life in
an alien world is not easy.
Discovering the necessity to produce art came to each of them in a special way and at different times. Today, this is their reason to live, from paying bills at the end of the month to soothing the chaos the world is experiencing today. For all, it is to overcome the daily struggle in not having a world of their own. The difference is that with their talented and creative art, they are building this world for our daughters, granddaughers, great-granddaughers…
Today, Linda Nochlin has answered the question in the title of her article: "there were no great artists because there were no social, political, cultural and intellectual conditions".
So let's create them, relentlessly and continuously.

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