Nostalgic Heart II - 3D virtual exhibition by Dalia Ali

Nostalgic Heart II

Mo, 03/21/2022Di, 03/21/2023

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I have never traveled to Palestine, and trying to connect with my roots, I decided to travel to these cities through my art. This journey is my way of connecting with my identity, my heritage, my ancestors, it is my way of keeping the Palestinian story alive so that it can be carried on from generation to generation.
When I paint, I tend to see many details that I might otherwise not notice, the colors of nature, of the buildings, of the sun’s reflection on the surfaces, the architecture of the place, the feel of the spaces, the topography of the land. I use photos of the cities as my source and examine the details and then paint what I see and feel, with as much or as little detail. I mainly use layers of acrylic paint on layers of textured and collaged background reflecting the layers of our history.
I truly felt as if I was traveling. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of breathtaking landscapes that exist in Palestine, ranging from the vast seashore cities, scenic lakes, dry desert towns, undulating hills, sharp mountains, lush greenery, urban landscapes, rural towns, religious spaces, rich marketplaces, aromatic orange and lemon orchards, and resistant olive trees. I learnt so much about my country and fell in love with it even more.

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