Mass Balance: Endgame by Gale Wallar - 3D virtual exhibition by Touchstone Gallery

Mass Balance: Endgame by Gale Wallar

Mi, 02/10/2021Mi, 03/10/2021

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“In art terminology, MASS refers to a three dimensional form that stands out from surrounding space because of value, color or texture.

BALANCE refers to the equal weight or attention of forms in a composition that contribute to visual unity.

MASS BALANCE, defined in glacier terminology, refers to a measure of the change in mass of a glacier; the balance between accumulation (growth) and ablation (loss) in a glacier system.

Mountains have dominated my landscape paintings for many years because of their visual and spiritual appeal, as well as an existential dimension. Across the globe, climate change and rising temperatures in the mountains imperil the source of precious water as the glaciers recede and are on track to disappear.

This body of work has a compositional and thematic focus on the upper regions of mountains, in the snow accumulation zones. This is where compressed snow and ice form the glaciers that eventually feed the rivers and creeks. Water is life.


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