New York - Supreme Laboatory of Modern Life - 3D virtual exhibition by Conceptivism Technologies Gallery

New York - Supreme Laboatory of Modern Life

Fr, 02/05/2021Mo, 07/05/2021

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New York - Sergey's perspective on most interesting places and experiences of the New York City are presented in this series.

New York is the city of peoples' dreams and aspirations, where one can reinvent oneself, and change one's destiny, and create new reality. When New York was founded, at the dawn of the modern age, London and Paris were 1500 years old, Rome and Beijing were 2000 years old, and Jerusalem was 4000 years old. And yet, fascinatingly, in the centuries to come, what started as a tiny colony at the far end of civilization, would rise as the greatest city in the world, the cultural and business center of the world, and the supreme laboratory of modern life. And, from an artist point of view, an endless inspiration for creativity.

And for a New Yorker, the city is also home with all the dear and favorite places. The series is constantly being updated with new art works.

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