The Exploration of Drawing - 3D virtual exhibition by OCAD University Drawing and Painting

The Exploration of Drawing

Do, 12/10/2020So, 01/10/2021

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This exhibition is comprised of a collection of student work that centers around the processes of both traditional and experimental drawing methods. Due to the unique nature of this show, these works come to you from around the globe from participants, each experiencing the world from different communities, environments, and situations. Showcasing widely varied investigative processes exploring the boundaries of drawing. Instead of succumbing to the limitations and disadvantages of the current social climate, the exhibit participants continue to flourish and create despite being in the confines of quarantine. It exemplifies how these artists not only create transformative work but transformative spaces as they adjust to non-traditional studio settings. Participants have strived to come together in a time of isolation to bring forward innovative ideas and questions reflected in their work. While the subjects portrayed in this exhibit are not all about the pandemic, every piece serves as an example of how creators are finding new ways to communicate, critique, and create with one another. This exhibition combines translations of time, sound, and scale through the process of drawing. Using experimental methods, participants have tackled intangible human experiences to produce works that push the traditional confines of what can be drawn and what can be considered a drawing

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OCAD University Drawing and Painting

Drawing in its Most Vague Definition


OCAD University Drawing and Painting

The Thoughts Are Alive


OCAD University Drawing and Painting



OCAD University Drawing and Painting

Meta Figure: The Body in Paint


OCAD University Drawing and Painting

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