Painted from the Heart - 3D virtual exhibition by Lidia Kenig-Scher

Painted from the Heart

My intention is to connect with universal energies-some call it God, Spirit, Gaia, Buddha Field or many other expansive energies in order to bring forth images, colors, textures and shapes that are beyond my everyday experience. I learn with every brush stroke and each completed painting offers me another way to understand what I need to thrive in my life, through post-completion meditation and contemplation. Those who are attracted to my work sense a connection to this process and in turn, they may learn and grow spiritually and emotionally by living with the art.
Everything in the universe has an ever moving and changing energy and vibration. The vibrational field of artworks affect the space and all who behold it, whether viewers are aware or not. I know that the energies I intuitively access reflect peace, harmony, love, compassion, happiness, truth, authenticity and acceptance. They contribute to make a kinder more loving world, one person and one space at a time.

I see art as a vehicle for spiritual and emotional healing. It is transformational for me and my collectors. Walk around and pick the one that calls to you. It will help you grow and heal!

Do you like the exhibition?

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