Unfinished Piece in a Defined Frame - 3D virtual exhibition by Anaid Art Gallery

Unfinished Piece in a Defined Frame

Mi, 11/18/2020Sa, 12/12/2020

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The exhibition "Unfinished Piece in a Defined Frame" signed by Raluca Arnăutu proposes to visitors a foray into the world of collage through a series of over 20 works created between 2019-2020 and brought to the public for the first time.

"Unfinished Piece in a Defined Frame" continues in a sense the artist's search for the construction and deconstruction of the image in the collages developed in the personal project "Deconstruction" exhibited in 2018 in Budapest. In the new series of collages, the artist uses a plenitude of various materials, shapes and readymade objects, through which, the characters taking over the exhibition space of the gallery, come to life. The artist builds characters, as in a play by Eugen Ionescu, the works being densely structured within a temporary time frame.
The association of words, materials of various textures, small plastic objects - dice, wheels, lego pieces - creates juxtapositions in which the text merges with the image emphasizing the value of the created compositions.
Raluca Arnăutu has developed in her artistic projects, her own language of communication with the viewer, revealing authentic ways of expression and analysis. Her characters carry on mute dialogues and invent possible worlds, in a world lacking logic and hope. The dream is the one that sets in motion the artist's imagination and sensitivity.

Curator: Diana Dochia, PhD

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