Elena Myasnikova: Evocative Moments - 3D virtual exhibition by Gallery 44

Elena Myasnikova: Evocative Moments

Sa, 10/24/2020Sa, 12/19/2020

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“I’d like to add beauty and tranquility to a home or office space.” This intention is tangible when going through the flow of Evocative Moments - a solo exhibit by talented Russian-Canadian artist, Elena Myasnikova.

Highly detailed, with lavish embellishments, Elena likes to be in control of the outcome of the process. Her palette carefully chosen and deliberate in every phase of the artwork coming to completion, she envisions her work already in an art collector’s interior.

Living and working in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, nature’s magic surrounds Elena every day. Hence it is of no surprise she considers her natural surroundings to be her main source of inspiration.

Drift away on the reminiscences of Elena’s Evocative Moments.

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