Self Envisioned Painters of the Baroque - 3D virtual exhibtion by R. Pierce Hoehn

Self Envisioned Painters of the Baroque

A portrait is characteristically defined as a representation of a specific individual. A portrait does not merely record someone’s physical features, however, says something about whom they are, suggesting an evocative sense of a person’s presence.

The traditions of portraiture in Western culture extend back to antiquity and predominantly to ancient Greek and Roman traditions, where realistic depictions of celebrated men and women appeared in full scale sculptures made of bronze and marble.

Following the period known as, the Renaissance, a shift within European culture occurs which would eventually lead to artists challenging formal boundaries and attempting to elicit sensual, emotional, and intellectual reactions from the audience in an extreme display of authority.

Due to the sharing of culture, affluence, and philosophy brought upon by the printing press, the Counter-Reformation and Catholic patronage, the Baroque and its late variant, the Rococo, would become the first globalized art form.

Within this exhibition, we will take a look at several prominent Baroque and Rococo (16th c. - 19th c.) artists whom have immortalized themselves, in their own way, through self portraiture.

And perhaps we can ask ourselves, what is the artist telling me?

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R. Pierce Hoehn

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