New Planet Prints - 3D virtual exhibition by Luke Piper

New Planet Prints

Do, 11/05/2020So, 01/31/2021

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Graphic works and selected paintings from the recent Planet Paintings exhibition.

Motivated by the memory and feeling from working live in the landscape these paintings attempt to sum up the impression of a place in the mind’s eye. A bit like a psychiatrist’s inky doodles on his or her notepad or the clairvoyant’s tea leaves in a cup - For me they are a telescopic, microscopic and kaleidoscopic perspective exploring our relationship with nature and wilderness in the context of urgent and changing times.

The thought in my mind is that through observing the natural patterns and processes we hope to come more in tune with our world and with each other as a single race by understanding how transient yet universally connected things are. The circular planet paintings are really the next step in attempting to encapsulate all within the whole.

You are always welcome to come and see the artwork in the studio. Please feel free to contact me.


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