The Bigger Picture: Cassi Hill, Franke Vassell, Nayika Artist & Toni Gallagher - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

The Bigger Picture: Cassi Hill, Franke Vassell, Nayika Artist & Toni Gallagher

Fr, 08/14/2020So, 01/31/2021

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The Bigger Picture is a post graduate course taught by David Mach RA and tutors Dr Sam Ainsley, Liane Lang and Alison Harper. This course presented an opportunity to be mentored in a small group for a year where the artists became a community exploring as a group and as individuals, new territories in their art practice.

The ongoing rhythm of line after line after line. The repetitive motion of the pen, paint, pencil - touching, pressing, flowing, scrapping the surface. Making layers and intersections, criss-crossing boundaries, creating tensions. Moments of clarity. simplicity, harmony, unity. Endless, all else ceases. The peacefulness of pattern trumps, complexity dissolves into infinity.

Franke is a painter who trained at Heatherley’s School of Art in traditional observational painting. He won an ESOP Newman Young Artists Scholarship to study at TheESOP and has developed his work along ideas of identity and the influences of art history on his work and life.

NAYIKA ARTIST Instragram: nayika_artist
My personal story revolves around my identity as a British Asian and the vulnerability of being caught in a juxtaposition between East and West. Though growing up with restrictions in self expression, the gravitational pull towards the freedoms of artistic expression enjoyed in the Indian subcontinent centuries ago is impossible to ignore. I therefore simultaneously confront and hide, conceal and reveal, demonstrate assertiveness and portray vulnerability, in my journey to enforce myself into the world, speak through the eyes, and to capture an undefined gaze to defy prejudice and inpromptu expectation, to hear me, to see me as I really am, even if there is compulsion to repudiate. Too bad. I will not be placed in a culturally appropriate box for convenience. Sorry (not sorry).

‘I believe the common character of the universe is not harmony but hostility chaos and murder ‘ - Werner Hertzog

What does it mean to be human? A question I feel has never been more relevant or in the forefront of our minds. Themes of mortality, being trapped, freedom and escape run though my work. The reality of our defining choices and ultimate fears, magnified by the pandemic we are currently facing.

Through material abstraction in sculpture and photography I want to question the value we give the things in life. By changing the material an object is made from it makes us adjust our perception, question its purpose, it’s use, the space we fill, beauty in the unexpected.

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