The Painting Year: Fatemeh Bagherian, Lucy Marston & Gwen Ovshinsky - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

The Painting Year: Fatemeh Bagherian, Lucy Marston & Gwen Ovshinsky

Fr, 08/14/2020So, 01/31/2021

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The Painting Year is for artists looking to advance their practice, developing their skills and content whilst being guided by two experienced and celebrated painters Dan Coombs and Guy Allott. Limited to 12 students, the course provides artists with a community and mentoring whilst actively engaging with painting language and opening doors to untried possibilities.

My Practice as a Painter.
Since we live practical, rat-racing, busy lives!
Since in many cultures this is considered a normal way to spend or look at life…
I feel the need of looking inward into myself and the selves of others
I was born and grew up in Iran, and in that traditional religious culture philosophy is that in order to understand and experience the ground nature of being you must not make a picture of it. You need to be free from images. you need to stop thinking and start feeling.
My painting subjects are rooted in human feelings, emotions, and states of mind.
However, I have a long way yet to go before I achieve meaning without representative images. Striving to bring the hidden inner world to the surface, I’ve begun this process by removing domestic space and objects in it, what you might call the common functionality of human domesticity, in order to emphasise and attract attention instead to feelings and emotions.
In my painting practice I don’t predetermine the exact length and width of a canvas; just as I mostly paint from imagination, I’m also imaginative with surface rather than conforming to ‘normal’ standards. When painting large, my method is to take time to look at a canvas, then move towards it with a large brush holding thin liquid paint, and begin applying marks with some quick brush strokes. An image appears and colours expands from there, while the dimensions of the work are determined by the story that unfolds under my brush.
This is my 3rd year of painting at the Essential School of Painting and I’m still trying new and different paths, simultaneously practicing various different styles, using different media and trying different brush strokes. For me this journey is about exploring the unknown and finding a new voice.

I live and work in London. My interest in art history is reflected in the narrative character of my paintings, which draw on a wide range of subject matter, including contemporary life, family history, folklore and fairy tales. I mostly work in oils although I also use acrylic paint. My paintings are expressive, using heightened colour, distortion and a flattening of the picture plane to create imaginary worlds or suffuse the everyday world with emotional colour. Many of my paintings depict imaginary mysterious places often placing figures within a fantastical natural world. Other paintings play on the psychological tensions implicit in relationships or investigate the psychological truths embedded in fairy stories and folk lore.

LUCY MARSTON Instagram: lucymarstonpaintings
Lucy is an architect and has been studying part time with ESOP over the last three years.
Her work is held in the Soho House permanent collection and she is delighted to have her major piece from last year 'Suffolk Field I' recently selected to go through to the final round for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2020.
My current paintings are landscape based.
In large works I build layers over time which often pulls them into abstraction.
In smalls works I have been exploring format and simplification.
In all works, my main preoccupation is with colour and its transformative powers.

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