"Pretty Heaven" by Pepe Aguilar - 3D virtual exhibtion by Artd4

"Pretty Heaven" by Pepe Aguilar

Do, 08/01/2019Fr, 08/30/2019

Aguilar creates his unique works using the art of rubikubism. Rubikubism is three dimensional art with two levels of interpretation. Up close, the art is about the textures and patterns. But at a distance, it reveals an image, one that only exists in the mind of the beholder. It demands interaction from the viewer, who is gratified by a sense of discovery. Aguilar says that creating rubikubism is like deconstructing an idea and putting it back together again. The finished art lets the viewer decipher the creative process.

Aguilar began his venture into rubikubism in 2015. He uses this method of art to pay tribute to Mexican pop icons. In his work, iconic figures such as Emiliano Zapata, Frida Kahlo, and El Santo are present.

Pepe Aguilar currently lives in New York where he works as the Chief Creative Officer at Grey Wing. His work has been recognized all around the world, including the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival, where he’s been awarded with 14 Cannes Lions.

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