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Father Yves Moal could be the beneficiary of TEPC exhibition. His project of nursing home is almost completed already. His next project are:

A compost center to supply the organic farms.
Purchase the land where the recycle center is to secure the place. The land price is growing up in Yuli and he is scare that the land lord might sell.

Some info about Father Yves Moal:

Father Yves Moal
French Catholic missionary Yves Moal will soon receive a Taiwanese passport while being able to keep his original nationality, 50 years after arriving in the country, reports said Wednesday.

Moal, who is known as Liu Yi-feng (劉一峰) in Mandarin, visited a police station in Yuli, Hualien County, Wednesday to apply for the proof of good behavior or police criminal record certificate which would allow him to apply for Taiwanese citizenship, reports said.

The local police chief described the Frenchman as a “good neighbor” and thanked him for his constant efforts helping to find work for the homeless, drug addicts and other groups, reports said.

He moved from Brittany to Taiwan in 1966, at the age of 25, travelling by ship out of Marseilles just months after having been ordained a Catholic priest. He has spent most of his half century on the island helping physically and mentally challenged residents as well as orphans and other underprivileged members of society.

He has also managed a second-hand book store and sold furniture made by the residents of the Saint Andrew Training Center.

Last year, Moal launched the plan for an “Yi Feng Garden,” a center where the physically and mentally challenged can find a new home once they grow old and no longer have any family members who can care for them.

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