Bold, Bright and Beautiful - 3D virtual exhibition by Arts Project Australia

Bold, Bright and Beautiful

Do, 07/23/2020Do, 07/30/2020

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Melbourne heads into the third week of its second lockdown this week, so it seems like the right moment to pause and reflect on the beauty and colour we find in the world. With news streams inundated with pessimistic and sensationalist headlines, art can serve as a positive and uplifting balm under challenging times.

So let us take a moment to appreciate the impact of colour, which is an incredible communication tool that has the power to affect our emotions, our responses and can signal action. Cool colours—such as blue, green and purple—while soothing, can also make us sad. Warm colours, on the other hand—red, yellow and orange—grab our attention, alert us and tend to make us happy.

The artwork in Robert Brown's solo exhibition Bold, Bright and Beautiful, firmly plants itself at the warm and joyful end of the spectrum. It is right where we want to be, while we live with uncertainty and isolation in our personal lives as well as globally.

Brown is an accomplished abstract painter whose work on paper and canvas is characterised by his bold and vibrant use of colour and spontaneous layering. He is a master colourist, whose work makes you unashamedly happy when you view it. Inspired by nature, he draws inspiration from found images of landscapes, reinterpreting what he sees with great freedom.

Brown has worked at Arts Project since the early 2000s and has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, with work in the Artbank collection, Melbourne as well as private collections throughout Australia.

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