XL40 - 3D virtual exhibition by Lisa Marie


Mo, 07/27/2020So, 08/09/2020

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In the Lockdown of 2020 in London, Lisa Marie, an abstract artist, was confined to her small flat in the centre of the city. For her, the artistic process could not stop, so she continued to make work with what she had. The constraints were a part of the process that she knew well as a designer in film & TV. She wanted to celebrate her impending 40th birthday milestone in July by creating her first exhibition showcasing this lockdown art, finally feeling confident of her own voice as an artist and finding the determination to launch her work in a time of global 'gloomth'.

Abstraction is key to Lisa Marie’s process. It is an act of liberation, an act of transformation that allows us to return to the familiar but see and experience something wholly new. It speaks to that which cannot be intellectualised, that which must be felt.

Lisa Marie used photography to explore abstraction whilst trapped indoors. She used whatever was in her home and after three months, a set of 40 photographs emerged that used simply her iPhone camera, left-over modelmaking supplies, her inkjet printer and sunshine. She was inspired by the work of artists Florence Henri, Dora Maurer, Uta Barth, and Eileen Quinlan.

Here she presents 5 series of works, 'Sunshine', 'Mise en abyme', 'Shadow Modulator', 'Surface Detail' and 'Light Box'.

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