Hope - 3D virtual exhibition by Altro Mondo


Fr, 07/24/2020Mi, 08/26/2020

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Hope is a series of paintings that represent the duality of perspectives in response to the current events happening in the world.

Jerry Buccat’s work reveals a fatalistic and cynical approach to the current conditions of the world. His canvases admonish the environmentally destructive circumstances that pervade our society and how this led to the creation of the deadly virus that’s wreaking havoc in every corner of the globe today.

On the other hand, Herwin Buccat’s work chooses to dwell on the positive, particularly on the significance of hope. His viewpoint reveals a system of reason and consequence, and a benevolent side to Mother Nature that will inevitably heal us and in turn, heal itself. Hope manifests itself as a powerful weapon against the virus and an opportunity for rehabilitation.

Both artists intend for the exhibit to serve as a wakeup call and a beckoning to listen to the environment we continue to destroy, but that which sustains us and gives us life.

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