RARE Collection Room 1 by Dean Freemann - 3D virtual exhibtion by Dean Freemann

RARE Collection Room 1 by Dean Freemann

Do, 08/02/2018So, 09/02/2018

The Rare Collection is Dean Freemanns Worldwide awesome Collection. Dean Freemann presents Wall Art in the digital Age at the highest Level, his works are absolutely unique and incredible. There is only one of every Wall Art from this Collection Worldwide. Every Wall Art in this Collection includes a high luxury Frame Edition "New York big black Edition" and special Elegance velvet Paper. All Wall Arts are signed by Dean Freemann and comes with a authencity certificate and awesome package. Every Wall art of the Rare Collection by Dean Freemann includes a special present "The golden light blue Rose" with 24K Gold handmade.

Germanys and Europes most talented Digital Age Designer in the 21s Century. He is in Germany Bestform Awarder 2017, Artmajeur Paris Silver Award Winner 2018. His Designs and Art are unique and absolutely incredible.
He becomes one of the greatest Designers of our Time.

The best and famous Galleries Worldwide which presenting Dean Freemann's RARE Collection:
Multi Art Events by Wendy Lauwers
New York
San Francisco


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