Neo Japonisme - Resonances 2018 - 3D virtual exhibtion by Art Curator Japan

Neo Japonisme - Resonances 2018

Do, 07/12/2018Sa, 09/29/2018

On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and France, the Japan Foundation organizes several major exhibitions and artistic events throughout France. This series of exceptional events highlights Japan's traditional culture as well as recent developments in the fields of art, architecture and crafts.
The town hall of Vaison-la-Romaine is associated with the movement and organizes from July 12 to September 29 the exhibition Neo Japonism - Résonances 2018 at art center La Ferme des Arts, in collaboration with Naoko Mikami, curator and founder of the network Art Curator Japan in Tokyo.
The exhibition presents seven Japanese artists from various pictorial movements, including Beniko Choji, a young painter who is now famous for her feminine portraits; Arisa Okazaki, visual artist who explores new interactions between washi (Japanese paper) and ink; Miu, a committed artist who designs works made of concrete and plastic; or Yujin Koyama, master of Japanese bestiary and phantasmagoric.
Three French artists will complete the group, including Baptiste Tavernier, who has been pursuing his career in Japan for more than 10 years.
Japanese art and culture is based upon a "confrontation" between the immutability of codes and conventions and the constant desire for modernity. The exhibition Neo Japonisme - Résonances 2018 invites visitors to take a closer look at this paradox and is part of a national initiative that highlights the exceptional partnership between Japan and France.

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