Anduma: Building Bridges - 3D virtual exhibition by Gallery 44

Anduma: Building Bridges

Sa, 07/04/2020Sa, 08/29/2020

curated by:

For "Anduma: Building Bridges", curators Bouwien Luppes (owner, Gallery 44) and Michelle Hold (award-winning artist) carefully selected a group of internationally aclaimed female artists, inviting the viewer into their world. Building bridges between the masculine and the feminine; bold and soft; and movement and stillness. All with the intention to inspire towards more loving and balanced days ahead. A future with room for uniqueness; acceptance of diversity, while connecting in humanity.

"Anduma: Building Bridges" consists of a rich collection of large and medium-sized works. Paintings ranging from emotive figuratives to daring abstracts. The different artistic styles are connected by (paintings of) flocks of birds, symbolizing harmony; freedom and strength; illumination and empowerment.

The exhibiting artists are:

Michelle Hold (Italy)
Magdalena Morey (Spain)
Janet Timmerije (Netherlands)
Bea Garding Schubert (Germany)
Christa Haack (Germany)


Curator, Bouwien Luppes
Phone: +1-403-630-1814

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