Introducing Miles Regis - 3D virtual exhibition by Round Hill Creative Group

Introducing Miles Regis

Fr, 07/20/2018Fr, 11/30/2018

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Trinidadian born multimedia artist Miles Regis is based in Los Angeles, CA. We are thrilled to be representing Mr. Regis in his first solo VG exhibition. Mile's work taps into the emotion and experiences of exotic cultures around the world and presents them in a way that are relevant to today's modernized societies. Miles combines abstraction with figurative work; obscure references with in-your-face writings; symbolic narrative with Trinidadian splashes of color. He adds to this drip painting and collage work. His media includes oil, acrylic, charcoal, latex paint and ocassional newspaper. His cultural duality and diverse perspectives play a large role in the humanistic consciousness he manages to present in his work. With broad enthusiast appeal, his work has appeared in association with CNN, Intel Corporation, Art Basel Miami, Coachella Music & Art Festival, CAAM, American Rag Cie and is in many celebrity collections around the country and throughout the world. The Huffington Post compared his works to that of master painters such as Basquiat and Pollock, and his star is rising to higher heights as his work continues to evolve.

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