Miss Representation - 3D virtual exhibtion by Museum-Curatorial Studies

Miss Representation

Mother. Servant. Object. Feminist.
For years, women have been represented in various ways in relation to Western historical, social, religious and political circumstances.
This exhibition strives to portray how the idea of womanhood has been depicted in the Western world through icons such as the Virgin Mary, who represents the ideal pious mother and virgin. Although such icons have changed throughout time, traits such as docility, obedience, and dignity have remained. Furthermore, through this exhibition we discuss how the sexualisation through the male gaze has objectified the female nude resulting in the fragmentation of female identity. In response, the Western female gaze challenges the notions perpetuated by these depictions of women. We aim to showcase how the portrayal of womanhood has been molded to misrepresent the totality of 'woman'.

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Museum-Curatorial Studies


permanent exhibition

Museum-Curatorial Studies


permanent exhibition

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