Shoe: Negative Space - 3D virtual exhibition by Museum Of Graffiti

Shoe: Negative Space

Do, 05/14/2020So, 11/01/2020

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A graffiti pioneer from Amsterdam, Shoe could be described as a poet on canvas, and someone who keeps pushing the boundaries of urban art. Meulman, is best known as founder of the Calligraffiti movement, his unique twist on an art form that mixes traditional calligraphy with the rawness and grittiness of graffiti.

he exhibition entitled, Negative Space, will feature exciting new works by the artist presented in an immersive environment created by Meulman for the museum. According to the artist, “ Negative Space is an attempt to exorcise the negative energy that seems to rule everything around me lately.” Negative space, the space around and between the subject of an image, defines the boundaries of the positive and brings balance to the canvas so therefore is just as important.

In this exhibit SHOE is reversing his perspective. Meulman says, “Every stroke I paint –calligraffiti or otherwise– creates a positive shape, but instantly, also a negative one. To paint and focus on these negatives is similar to a sculptor carving out a block of marble. Even when invisible, we should see that it is the negative space keeping the positive together.”

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