BREATHE/BREATH - 3D virtual exhibition by SEER Gallery Ltd.


So, 06/28/2020Mo, 08/31/2020

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SEER Gallery is excited to launch BREATHE/BREATH, an exhibit of contemporary art presented by The Association of Hysteric Curators.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the murder of George Floyd and countless other Black lives, Americans are struggling to breathe. Works displayed demonstrate formal and conceptual connections to breath as a metaphor. Our hope is that in displaying these works we engage the audience, using our breath to expand the conversation. Ultimately contributing to a collective need for healing & progress.

The virtual gallery experience includes works by inspiring feminist artists. Works are of varied techniques and styles including mixed media, paintings, drawings, photography and video. The majority of the pieces in the show also include an audio component allowing the visitor to learn about the art through the artists voice.

April Bey
Cherie Benner Davis
Lili Bernard
Annie Buckley
Christine Dianne Guiyangco
Mary Anna Pomonis
Cristal Sabbagh
Cintia Segovia
Allison Stewart
Kayla Tange/Luka Fisher/Chuck Hohng

20% of proceeds from sales will be donated to Black Lives Matter.

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