Okjoo Kang - Crossing - 3D virtual exhibtion by Aire Gallery

Okjoo Kang - Crossing

Okjoo Kang's 5th Solo Exhibition
from 12/12/2017

I don’t take the wheel so it is familiar for me to wait for the green signal for walk. Recently, there seem to be more crosswalks constructed. It is safe to say that a series of actions waiting for the signal and crossing a road if it changes are done not only in familiar but in unconscious manners. Following the order is like peeping into a social system. I think such a system is needed eventually to maintain an appropriate distance between me and others.

This work depicts the relation between me and others, ideas about certain places and orders. I photographed persons crossing an intersection, railroad or a crosswalk. There’s no focus and perspective. It contains impressions about the urban people but they are expressed as the landscape. This work was conducted in a manner as that initially done at the Myeongdong Street. I think it is one of several experiments like prior works.

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