Geopolitical Games - 3D virtual exhibition by Miguel Braceli

Geopolitical Games

Mo, 07/06/2020Mo, 08/31/2020

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Geopolitical Games is presented through a website, imagining alternative models of virtual exhibition in the public sphere; and it is physically developed in the public space proposing collective participation projects for the development of social practices under restrictions from social distancing. Geopolitical Games –the work that is proposed as a project to be developed during the exhibition time– is exhibited in a website through the URL:

The proposal for this empty room arises as a form of resistance to the exaltation of the white box model transferred to the digital format. The opportunity for a virtual exhibition is not in the three-dimensional reproduction of the white box of the gallery. Unconstrained by physical walls, we can explore different forms of action and communication within a virtual space. Online environments provide for alternative means of connection and expression that can generate relational practices capable of bridging the gaps between public, physical space and virtual space.

Geopolitical Games is a participatory project to create a ball game between an undetermined number of people through a one-on-one game taking place house by house. Participation occurs through an open call, seeking to include different cultures, nationalities and diversities that represent the geopolitics of every territory. This project takes place in the United States; using blue and red balls, this game plays with the aesthetic imagery of the idealized construction of its national identity. Geopolitical Games is a work that dialogues with these imaginaries, inflated and deflated with the body’s air; contrasting patriotism, nationalism and heroism with the fragility of their structures in the context of a pandemic. But above all, restoring the encounter from the resilience of the gesture through this open game. It is a game where the balls are not held by the political parties but by citizens and non "citizens". It is a game that reduces all the borders of the world to 6 feet, where the idea of nationality is diluted by the fatuity of this action. Geopolitical Games builds the idea of a nation from the exchange of our own bodies, trying to keep the ball in the air and the game alive.

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