Making The Paint Dance: Six Abstract Artists Of Our Time - 3D virtual exhibition by KTC Affiliated Artists

Making The Paint Dance: Six Abstract Artists Of Our Time

Mo, 08/15/2022Sa, 12/31/2022

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Guest Curated by Peter Frank

The half-dozen abstract painters gathered here, represented by works produced in the last several years, continue a tradition of oblique discourse – of statements made in a manner that anyone can choose to grasp – begun over a century ago, a half century after photography took over the pictorial space in our minds.

The vast variety of such discourse is barely skimmed by six artists’ work; but this selection alone presents so many approaches to the assembling of shape and nuance that we come to expect the unanticipated – what forms, what colors, what sequences, what clouds of thought comprise these paintings, and by extension comprise human perception.

Music Credit: Olivia by Satin Jackets

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