Justin Sterling - 3D virtual exhibition by Redbud Gallery

Justin Sterling

Mo, 08/01/2022Di, 08/30/2022

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Justin Sterling considers the built environment his medium and deeply explores this methodology, collecting abandoned windows and other urban objects from various neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan, and Queens to repurpose them and reimagine their stories. He fills the discarded windows with new life, literally and figuratively, using a variety of media to express both their pasts and their futures within the language already prompted by windows in the built environment. His aim is to unravel the way we view structures of power by revealing various truths about urban ecosystems, poverty, collective memory, and bad-faith legislation. Each window, or group of windows, presents a view to a new world, as it could be.

In New York City, broken windows come with the additional context of “broken windows policing,” a policy intended, intellectually, to make existing communities feel safer by reducing “nuisance crime” that is maintaining public order at the lowest levels to improve the overall sense of safety and security in the community. In New York, as in many other cities, the application of this practice was very different in reality, leading to the profiling, arrest, and incarceration of innumerable young men of color and to other notoriously racist police practices such as “stop and frisk.” These policies forever damaged the social landscape of people of color living in New York City.

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