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An Australian - Finnish traveller and culture seeker who is based in Bulgaria, Kristy Okkonen is an intuitive soul coach and self-taught artist who supports women through their journey of self-discovery and soul purpose. As she works one on one with her clients to dive deep into their being and soul, she also helps them to discover and remember who they are and what they came here to create in this lifetime.
Kristy’s passion for helping others is what set her on the path of her artistic journey as she wanted to expand on her ability to provide support and guidance to other women. Through learning how to create soul channelled pieces that inspire and ignite the magic hidden within themselves, she guides them towards activating their soul and higher self.

Over the past four years, Kristy has embraced this new and exciting part of her life and has committed herself to her art journey by becoming a student of creativity. Through this exploration, she fell in love with the process of connecting to her higher self to co-create with her art supplies to express and share. Creating both freely and through commissioned pieces, she brings high level energies and frequencies into any space or creative venture where she captures the essence of one's soul through artistic expression.

Currently, Kristy enjoys creating new ways in which she can combine her coaching skill set and art practices so that she can bring the joy and healing benefits of art and creation into the lives of others.

Kristy Okkonen Art - Paintings by the Soul for the Soul


"Art was always something I enjoyed as a child as I loved to create. It was never something I thought would become a part of my life, let alone grow into the passion it is now. Re-discovering art as an adult has been one of the most therapeutic gifts I have ever given myself. Through the power of art, I have developed a deeper understanding about who I am as a person and how I show up in life. Furthermore, it has helped me to navigate through challenges and struggles with more ease and grace as I express my inner workings through my creative process.
Working with watercolour and acrylic paints on paper, canvas and wood brings me so much joy and personally, I find that there is nothing more magical than the freedom of expressing with fluid paints as they move and blend across the surface. My work exhibits a powerful relationship between my higher self and my materials, where I encourage and nurture them to merge together as a beautiful collaboration between artistic expression and soul essence.
Whilst I have come to adore working with shades of pinks and natural earthy brown tones, I allow myself to remain open to creating whatever channelled soul expression is developed in that singular moment. Each piece is refined with hints of gold, natural elements or flourishes of mark making for the final creative interpretation.
My artwork is not just a piece of art to be hung and admired, but rather, I believe it to be an experience to be had as it shares its essences and energetic frequencies with all that come in connection with it."

IG: @kristyokkonen

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