In Search of Fragments - 3D virtual exhibition by Akar Prakar

In Search of Fragments

Mo, 05/18/2020Fr, 07/31/2020

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Born in Kerala in 1951, C. Douglas is one of the most collected artists of the Madras Art Movement in India.

C. Douglas’ works in this exhibition capture his journey from the 1990s until the last few years. The works from the 1990s mark the time when he had begun working on his characteristic grey works, influenced by German Expressionists. To him, this neutral colour represented a liminal state that embraced vulnerability over heroism and uncertainty over finality.

Crumpled and coated with sand and grey pigment, these paintings have an inherent ‘slowness’ as the images, of lighthouses, fetal forms and nebulous figures, slowly emerge into view due to the way they catch light. Unhurried and muffled, his paintings have the quality of an echo where there is both a presence and an absence.

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