Claudio Koporossy. La memoria dell'acqua - 3D virtual exhibition by Galleria Stefano Forni

Claudio Koporossy. La memoria dell'acqua

Fr, 05/13/2022Mi, 06/15/2022

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The artist, born in Lausanne, Switzerland, devotes himself to nature as his first passion and a fundamental element that marked both his life and his path as a photographer. We can describe Claudio Koporossy’s photography as the expression of his sensitivity in a single detail, an immersion in the most intimate essence of everything: a pile of leaves in autumn, the water that penetrates the earth, the colors of the mountains­­, fruits and flowers from exotic places or more familiar glimpses of life in Venice. The search for detail as that particular hidden at a first glance has always been the artist's point of view on the outside world. Claudio Koporossy immortalizes the essence of everything, allowing the gaze to go beyond the image: we are able to perceive its consistency and savoring its fragrance, this is “Live Nature" in one click.

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