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Viridian Artists Inc. is pleased to present an exhibition of art by the artist Bernice Faegenburg entitled “WATER”.

Bernice Faegenburg has been represented by Viridian Artists since 1977 and her 4 decades of art making have included a wide variety of techniques and imagery. For this exhibit, the artist has decided to focus on her lifelong love of water. Fittingly, her sign is Pisces. Living for much of her life in the Hamptons of Long Island has given her reason to create many kinds of images relating to the liquid part of earth.

In this exhibit, the artist has elected to show both artworks from her early years as well as more recent iterations of aqueous imagery. Her earliest paintings were hard edge depictions of the reflections and distortions of the ocean’s surface. During those years she snorkeled, and scuba dived and so saw the bottom of the ocean which also has inspired much of her imagery, particularly the painting the artist calls "Underwater" that abstractly depicts the ocean's floor.

Faegenburg’s most recent work in the show will be large canvas & mesh works with paint & collage combined with her photographs of the ocean and other bodies of water, harking back stylistically to much of the mixed media art she has created over the years as a printmaker and practitioner of Japanese brush painting.

The artist earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the Tyler School of Fine Arts at Temple University with post graduate work at the National Academy of Design, a master of Science degree in Art Education from CW Post College and did workshops in Asian brush painting with Okimoto, a noted Japanese American artist, among others. She was a past president of the National Association of Woman Artists. Her art has been featured in the Zimmerli Museum, the Nassau County Museum of Art, the Parrish Museum and the Richmond Art Museum. An exhibit at the Chelsea Museum was a prize. In addition, she has been invited to participate in the Biennale Internazionale Del’Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy on numerous occasions.

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