"idioma visual" by a m a t o - 3D virtual exhibition by Art Number 23 Virtual

"idioma visual" by a m a t o

He calls himself "a m a t o" according to his italian family name, born in Sicily and raised in Switzerland. After working in technical engineering for 12 years in the industry, he left to be trained in various art schools in Switzerland and the USA to become a certified art teacher, Yet after less than 3 years he started a career as indipendent artist/painter and worked as back stage painter for theaters and musicals or was just experimenting with small and large paintings. Finally in 2017 until today, he dedicated his entire time to produce art, first at home then in South Spain, where he lives now
His paintings have been sold in the USA, Switzerland, United Kingdom Italy and Spain.

b. What 'amato' is trying to do is the recapturing of the lost beauty humans once had before they fell victim to what he calls the "state of de-evolution". Beauty still surrounds us, but the language spoken through it has changed.

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