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Ekaterina Grigoryeva: From the gallery collection

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Ekaterina Grigoryeva - Honored Artist of Russia, a member of the Petrovsky Academy of Science and Arts and International Federation of Arts. Born in 1940 in Moscow. In childhood, she studied at an art school, graduated from the Moscow Radio Engineering College. Painting has remained a hobby for a long time, and the artist's early works are not very remarkable. Later, while working as an engineer, she began to study painting with the artist Eduard Drobitsky, who at that time was the chairman of the Moscow Committee of Graphic Artists on Malaya Gruzinskaya street, the epicenter of unofficial art of the USSR and, in essence, the first "island of creative freedom" in Moscow 1970s-1980s.
Recalling this time, Ekaterina Grigoryeva wrote: "For real, I began to work normally after my 40s. I fell into very good hands with Eduard Drobitsky. If I had not joined him and his people, I would have remained a gray mouse. Thus, the artist became a member of the group, which included such masters of Soviet non-conformism as O. Kandaurov, D. Plavinsky, V. Nemukhin, O. Rabin, N. Vechtomov, and many others.
According to Grigorieva friendship with Anatoly Zverev gave her a completely new perspective on art, with his artistic method, about which he said: "The faster the work is written, the more honest and clean it is." Ekaterina agreed with this method, she wrote in her diaries: "I am painting fast, without thinking about what happens. It's not important what you paint, but it's important how you paint, how you convey feelings within yourself, the rampage of your soul. " So, to the early '80s. Of the twentieth century, Ekaterina Grigorieva formed her unique art style.
Having received indulgence from her colleagues from the workshop for complete creative freedom, the artist plunged headlong into the study of abstract expressionism and chose for herself a more restrained and aesthetic European branch of this art style.
The artist's paintings do not fight with anything, do not call on barricades.
Grigorieva is not a conceptualist and does not want to fill her art space with appeals and accusations, which very clearly distinguishes her from the general trends of the Russian underground culture of that time. The artist was interested in the process of understanding harmony through color and composition. Flowers on her canvases are a certain code. The abstraction in her works overlaps the recognition of the original floral motifs.
Historians of post-war unofficial art will immediately name, probably, a dozen female artists - active participants of the informal art processes of that period. But Grigorieva is probably almost the only one who did not try on the "Amazonian armor". In the Russian art culture, fully oriented to masculinity, it is fearless to openly indicate your female nature.
In many respects, precisely due to the feminine tenderness of her art (which in no way detracts from its innovativeness), unlike other representatives of abstraction during the USSR, her paintings were difficult to be criticized negatively, which allowed her to exhibit more often and quickly win the love of the audience, and even the crowd of imitators, who until now, after almost half a century, continue the attempts to copy her style, not realizing that it was always a matter of truthfulness of emotions and spontaneity, that the artist every time left on her canvases.
The collection presented in this exhibition dates back to the period of the 1990s - early 2000s. (The artist died in 2004). Now, when the trends in Russian and world art markets included artists of "Malaya Gruzinskaya" and "Lianozovo group", it's just a right time to and reopens the paintings of one of the most original artists of nonconformism era.

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