FADY FERHI - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR


Tue, 02/01/2022 to Tue, 02/15/2022

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Fady Ferhi studied the fundamentals of painting at the Croqueurs de vie studio, owned by the painter Isabelle Lherminé. She learned how to create specific forms, how to use the materials and the colors, and how to organize the space on the canvas.
Fady Ferhi has a permanent exhibition at the Sonia Monti Gallery in Paris, she also presented her artworks at Art Capital Paris in 2020, and at the Sociétés des poètes français the same year. The passion for art has always been inside of Fadila Ferhi, and in 2011 the desire to paint became a priority, allowing her inspiration and positive energy flow.

Ferhi’s abstract artworks are based on an enigmatic and irrational world made of dreams and hopes. Ferhi brings her compositions to life with the use of colour, superpositions of materials, and contrasts that create imaginatory atmospheres.Ferhi works both with acry- lic and mixed media. Acrylic gives her spontaneity, whereas the use of mixed media artistically evades with the combination of multiple techniques on the same medium. Ferhi uses many different tools such as brushes, palette knives, sponges and cellophane. This multiplicity gives her the opportunity to express her deepest feelings through her art. Once finished, Fadila’s artworks represent her spontaneous feelings collected from the inner self in her daily life. Ferhi likes to let the spectator’s imagination run free so that they perceive their own emotions and feelings so they travel through the paintings.

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