The Drawing Exhibition, A Visible Mark: Expressive-Realistic-Symbolic - 3D virtual exhibition by Menino Arts Center

The Drawing Exhibition, A Visible Mark: Expressive-Realistic-Symbolic

Mon, 02/07/2022 to Sun, 04/03/2022

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At its most basic, drawing is a visible mark. But it is also physical energy, a symbol, an expression, an inner form, an exploration, a kind of hypnotism, a visualized thought.

Juror:Scott Bakal


Adam Campbell
Albert Wallstrom
Alla Lazebnik
Ann Turley
Barbara Adele Fritz-Elliott
Erica Nazzaro
Gabriel Polonsky
Gail Bos
Ginny Zanger
Jan Shapiro
Judith Brassard Brown
Julia Cangiano
Liz Hardy
Lyasya Sinkovski
Maritza Ranero
Mark Younkle
Mary Harman
Mary McCusker
Mary Russell
Peggie Bouvier
Rob Larsen
Robert Boyle
Robert Siegelman
Sasja Lucas
Sharon Berke
Terry Boutelle
Virginia Holloway

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