The Last Sentinels - 3D virtual exhibition by Jimmy Nelson

The Last Sentinels

Tue, 01/11/2022 to Tue, 03/08/2022

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The few on this planet who still live in harmony with ancient wisdom are Indigenous peoples. While allowing themselves to be guided by courage, love, and honour, these cultures are the guardians of both humanity and this planet. They are the living example of how to live with respect to our natural environment; how to understand that we are all united; how to live our lives to the fullest. Our aim is that through this experience, the visitor regains the connection with the source of what it is to be human. We, living in the industrialised world, have distanced ourselves from our origins and tend to have forgotten the purpose of living in full connection with each other, ourselves and the natural world. By making 'The Last Sentinels', we proclaim the urgency to acknowledge and celebrate Indigenous peoples as our new role models. Now is the time to reconnect the world and move healthily into the future.

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