The Blues - 3D virtual exhibition by DanBullockArt

The Blues

I think it’s part of every artists dream to have their own show one day, and with most galleries going virtual over the last year or so anyway, it seemed relatively easy to self indulge and just make one for myself! Also with all the paintings currently in various countries around the globe, this way seemed much simpler.

I just checked back through instagram, and the first of these paintings was finished way back in February. Nearly a whole year of work (or at least some of the best bits) thrown together in one virtual room. This is the first time I’ve ever had a consistent series of paintings that would even make sense in a gallery setting, and I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing everything together.

All of my work has been almost exclusively viewed online since I started painting. I’m fine with it. It’s meant more people have been able to see my stuff than would’ve otherwise been possible. But there is something lost when seeing the work digitally. The videos (thanks TikTok) help a lot with getting a sense of scale for the paintings, but hopefully this adds another element when you get to see them all at the same time.

It’s also worth mentioning the fact that I haven’t put out any new work in a little while. I am painting, I promise! They just… haven’t been entirely successful. There’s some experimenting going on behind the scenes, and I cannot wait to share something new with you. I just need to figure out how to make it first. I’ve noticed in the past that if I’m particularly struggling with my art, and I’m repeatedly running in to creative brick walls, that something exciting is lurking just around the corner. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself right now to stay motivated. Fingers crossed!

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