KIM (I-OU) Young-Ja's Online Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

KIM (I-OU) Young-Ja's Online Exhibition

Sun, 10/10/2021 to Sun, 10/24/2021

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As time passes, Kim Young-Ja thinks that living energy is beauty. That qi(氣) is deeply related to the life of a beautiful artist who embraces fragrance.
Since the artist’s life is directly reflected in the work, the various lives themselves are positioned as the work. Her artwork is a story of diverse life that expresses the shapes that appear over time with water droplets symbolising vitality, dy- namic and lively images. This is dissol- ved into the work-feeling the vitality of life and at the same time being reborn as a message of support for overcoming the darkest times. She hopes this will lead the viewer to feel that energy and be moved by it. Her pieces are currently in progress amid changes in form and content.
Kim Young-ja is famous for her lyrical sentiments.

There is her cherished time, the thrill of first love, a pink mountain and yearning for the good old days in childhood in her works while a sense of vitality is from the colours of violet and blue. ‘Lively’ is a series of works delivering a message of thrill of the first encounter while ‘Mine’ is an expression of harmony between water drops and women though the world is born anew. One might feel a sense of tenderness, pure, peaceful, splendid, feminine yet strong and dynamic energy in her works. Sharing a beautiful memory and a jour- ney to find one’s own life is like a gift for everyone. In her artworks, water, circles, water drops, and women have a com- mon destiny expressed through abstract and representational. She also uses reconstruction of forma- tive, experiment and movement of co- lours in order to deliver harmony and future-oriented power.

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