INNER DIALOGUE ART SHOW - 3D virtual exhibition by Rafi And Klee Studios


Mon, 08/09/2021 to Thu, 11/11/2021

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View the amazing artwork of the Rogue Artists in this amazing show. Collab lab is an art show where amazing creative rogues take on the challenge of creating cohesive beautiful art following three parameters. The Parameters are different for every show and designed to challenge.

2021 Collab Lab – INNER DIALOGUE
Parameter 1 – The subject matter, style, and medium can be anything you choose to depict the theme.
Parameter 2 – Represent the duality of the Stickman (negative internal voice) and the Champion (positive internal voice) in your mind.
Parameter 3 – Keep the observer in mind {Either by “zooming the lens out” and representing yourself as the observer or by creating a composition that pulls an observer in}.

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