Collective Voices - 3D virtual exhibition by Drinking Gourd Gallery

Collective Voices

Tue, 12/01/2020 to Sat, 01/30/2021

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Drinking Gourd Gallery's exhibition, Collective Voices, is a gathering of works by five contemporary African-American artists. The works represent a variety of styles and thematic interests, with each piece telling a story from the artist's unique perspective. The exhibit features acrylics, watercolor, digital and limited edition prints from Darryl Matthews, Corliss R. Owen, Shelvy Ramsey, Carol Torian, and youth artist Jade. The exhibit is complemented by a series of conversations called "Say It Loud". Hear the artists discuss the type of art they create and what motivates them to make it. Learn about what influences the dimensions of their work and how they settle on titles. Carol Torian will also talk about current trends in the art world. And she will share her thoughts about why art produced by people of color, past and present, may be unknown or simply overlooked.

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