Black = - 3D virtual exhibition by OCAD University's Faculty of Art

Black =

Mon, 10/19/2020 to Thu, 11/19/2020

curated by:

Featuring work from Camille Kiffin, Nicole David, Carol Kabmaba, Natia Lemay, Ashley Waithe, Kadine Lindsay, Ay Johnson, Brandon Bayhaee, Dalali Cofie.

A history of anti-black culture and systemic racism continues to shape Canadian frameworks. This extends to the devaluation of black lives within the Canadian ethos. Black artists continuously create work that reflects and educates others on black experiences, stories, and black histories to create social change.

In light of this struggle, this exhibition was created in response to the current political landscape revolving around the Black Lives Matter movement. It is not just a tool for education to be viewed through the white gaze but also as a method to boost representational imagery within the Black community. Expanding upon the idea that Black art is not restricted to mythologized imagery or trauma-based motivation to be valid or valued. If art is for everyone, everyone should be seen within art.

Exhibiting artist's experiences vary within the community. This show looks to reflect the diversity that is Blackness. The artists involved in this show have created visual representations to expand the collective thinking and create transformational change within our society. This includes empowering and amplifying the voices of those within the Black Art Community.

Artists varying from OCAD Universities first year to the fourth year consider terms that help define their Blackness. Through this lens, the artists seek the reconnection of imagery with terms integral to highlighting the strengths and complexities within the Black community.

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