The Girl Clone - 3D virtual exhibition by Arts Project Australia

The Girl Clone

Thu, 07/09/2020 to Sun, 08/09/2020

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The Girl Clone presents new work by emerging artist Emily Dober.

Emily Dober (b 1992) is an emerging painter and illustrator whose figurative works centre on the female form as portrayed in magazines and advertisements. Working from a gently drawn pencil and ink outline, her strong sense of composition and considered layers of colour gives her work a distinctive, personalised style.

One of her principal concerns is analysing specific movements and gestures of the female body. While her work in this collection appears as abstract studies, strong women are clearly the focus. Represented mid-motion and set within a carefully blended background, Dober creates a highly emotive space to explore perceptions of femininity.

Dober has worked at Arts Project since 2011 and presented her first solo exhibition in 2017. Her work has been curated into numerous national group exhibitions and her work is held in private collections throughout Australia.


2020 The day we all went home, Leonard Joel, Melbourne
2018 Pop! Reflections on Popular Culture, Wangaratta Art Gallery
Spring1883, The Establishment, Sydney
2017 Dancing Queen (solo), Clocktower Art Space
2015 Drawn Together, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne
2014 Now the heart is filled with gold as if it were a purse, Arts Project Australia,


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