Porowhita Tuakana - 3D virtual exhibition by Ōtautahi Creative Spaces

Porowhita Tuakana

Porowhita Tuakana is the combination of Porowhita referring to the pounamu “circle of life” shape and Tuakana meaning “older sibling” and are the ones who guide the younger members of a whanau. We went with this idea because Unleashed is a group primarily made up of young people who arent quite adults or parents but arent teenagers or tamariki anymore. So they are at Tuakana stage in their porowhita, or circle of life.

The porowhita also plays into the motif and aesthetic of the show as well. We decided to forgo having a distinct theme for the show in favour of a consistent circle or circular motif which tied all the work together. We found that this offered a lot more accessibility to the artists and allowed them more freedom to create personalised works without needing to work to a certain set of rules other than incorporating a simple shape.

This show is extremely diverse in style and medium. From fish eye photography to digital art to oil on canvas, each artist had a unique take on the circular motif and made it work for them!


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