Living Traditions - 3D virtual exhibition by Altro Mondo

Living Traditions

Sat, 11/12/2022 to Sat, 12/03/2022

curated by:

LIVING TRADITIONS curated by Prof. Jerry Yapo

by JAM Aguinaldo, CD Encarnacion, MKM Sajona, LB Ballaran, AJA Quilloy, BA Vista and AE Carandang

A nation’s cultural identity is expressed in art. Much of who we are is latched on to our enduring artforms.

Living Traditions directs our attention to the fine craftsmanship of our folk artists in the province of Laguna. The exhibit brings together six of the province’s most promising visual artists as they create pieces on Laguna’s iconic crafts: habi, lilok, taka, kayas, lala, at tsinelas. Theirs are an attempt to visualize the relatively distinct aesthetics of their chosen subject. Also featured are
works rendering local artisans in situ. In doing so, we are sensitized to the constraints under which our artisans operate.

Much as we want to understand the aesthetics of their output, local artisans deserve patronage of their unique forms of cultural expression. Traditions are treasured through artforms that endure time’s passing.

- Prof. Jerry Yapo

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