Sarah Soh Solo Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

Sarah Soh Solo Exhibition

Wed, 09/21/2022 to Wed, 10/05/2022

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Sarah Soh is a Malaysian artist based in South Korea. She specializes in fluid art, using acrylics as her medium of expression. She likes to create details in her pours. She does not use any paint brushes to create details, instead, she pours paints and manipulate them to form shapes and details.

”Fluidity is a substance that has no fixed shape yet it yields easily to external pressure. We are these ‘fluids’; free of form yet we yield easily to the pressures of the world. One thing about being a perfectionist is the need to correct a mistake. With pouring, it allows me to accept the flow of the paints that is directed by the conditions of the canvas/surface".
That natural phenomenal that occurred when pouring is what makes Sarah's detail pour s unique and special.

Sarah uses a lot of Nature elements in her body of works.
“Nature is peaceful. It does not scream for the attention of the world. Life has enough chaos as it is but Nature is Order.”
She hopes that when people view her works, they will be in awe and be in one with their spiritual side.

Sarah has a BA in Visual Communications (UK). She is a Dean’s List Scholar and a Valedictorian of her graduating class (2007). She won the Top Student Achiever Award 3 years in a row. She was a finalist for the 2017 UOB POY awards. She ran her own english art class from 2015-2017 in South Korea, teaching both adults and children to draw and paint. She used to be a lecturer and tutor for Art Design Colleges in Malaysia.

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