Chromazone - 3D virtual exhibition by Ōtautahi Creative Spaces


Fri, 07/01/2022 to Mon, 10/31/2022

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Chromazone began as a series of sketches in my A6 visual diary during the sunny autumn of 2017. I was happy with the marker pen drawings but needed a way to make future work more fungible not less than a woodblock print or etching. The rectilinear style of the drawings so obviously fit with a bitmap grid that I translated 'Glow' from analog to digital in the process opening up a new area of visual research for me: The Chromazone, a visual space defined by rules like one or two colours, groups and repetitions of two, three or four, a rectangle can be a line and some others that are unique to each iteration. The next step in the process is to give 'Chromazone' an electronic heart.

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