Shared Habitat Earth - 3D virtual exhibition by Menino Arts Center

Shared Habitat Earth

Thu, 05/26/2022 to Thu, 06/30/2022

curated by:

Shared Habitat Earth Exhibition
Curated by Barbara Eskin and Sasja Lucas

May 25 - June 30, 2022

In Person Reception at the MAC:
Thursday, May 26, 7 - 830 pm

The exhibition features the work of 23 SHE artists representing cross species respect, intercultural solidarity, and a shared sense of responsibility; and 6 youth artists with Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that has engaged nearly 25,000 students worldwide to use art to advocate for the environment.

The exhibition will be presented both physically at the MAC and virtually in a 3D gallery you can stroll through at

Sharon Whitham
June August
Jennifer Jean Okumura Susan H Leskin
Lisa Goren
Kirstin Ilse
Becky Gibbs
Helen Canetta
Barbara Fletcher
Lisa Reindorf
Bette Ann Libby
Marianne A. Kinzers Laurie McGowan
Yvonne Lamothe
Barbara Eskin
Agusta Agustsson
Ruth Ginsberg-Place Gillian Frazier
Niamh Ultaigh
Nora Charney Rosenbaum James C Varnum
Marjorie Kaye
Phyllis Ewen

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Artists:
Chloe Lou
Ishanvi Kommula
Ava Park
Roy Kim Orion Yang Ayla Ikezawa

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